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Cool Beef and Vegetable Salad

Preparation Time:   10  (mins)
Cooking Time:   3  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Pan-fry
Cook level:   Normal
Serving Size:   4  (person)


Beef fillet/tenderloin 250 g / 克 [cubed]
Salad vegetables 120 g / 克
Cherry tomato (es) 6 pcs [halved]


Double Deluxe Soy Sauce 2 tbsp / 湯匙
Sugar 2 1/2 tbsp / 湯匙
Lemon juice 1 tbsp / 湯匙
Chopped mint 1/4 cup / 杯
Ground pepper to taste

  1. Pan-fry beef tenderloin in 2 tbsp oil until desired doneness.  Set aside. 
  2. Toss beef, salad vegetables and cherry tomatoes with seasoning mix before serving.  Serve cold.

Tag: Beef, vegetable, Salad

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