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Raw Crab with Dressing

Preparation Time:   1  (mins)
Cooking Time:   1  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Others
Cook level:   Easy


Suo Zi Crab 750 g / 克1 pc
Ginger (s) 5 g / 克 [chopped]
Green onion(s) 5 g / 克 [chopped]
Garlic 5 g / 克 [finely chopped]


Premium Soy Sauce 10 g / 克
Pure Sesame Oil 10 g / 克
Rice Vinegar 10 g / 克
Shao Hsing wine 5 g / 克
White Sugar 5 g / 克
Refined Salt 3 g / 克
Pepper a little

  1. Remove the plastron from crab.  Chop crab into small pieces.  Put on a serving plate.
  2. Use Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce, Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil, white sugar, rice vinegar and Shao Hsing wine etc. to make a dressing.  Pour over the crab.  Sprinkle with green onion.

Tag: Crab

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